Investors’ Corner

VAYU focuses on a long-term strategy, creating brand value that is sustainable.

 We intend to develop and operate five medical resorts with the next five years. VAYU delivers brand promise to guests coherently, while respecting the cultures specific to each region, country and property.

We guarantee the continuity of management expertise.

VAYU offers training opportunities for employees and invests in staff selection, training and education.


Brand Name: VAYU Medical Resort
Brand Promise: Master of Life
Brand Statement: To master life, to teach a better healthier way of life

VAYU Medical Resorts are branded as a premiere lifestyle product strongly associated with healthy living. Its brand statement is “Master of Life”.

Every VAYU property will target to become a member of the Healing Hotels of the World.

Target markets

The target market for VAYU management services are 5*hotels and resorts with 60 to 120 rooms and suites . VAYU is involved with the project from its conception and assists in all stages of planning and development VAYU Resorts are year-round luxury stand-alone operations. VAYU Resorts can also be implanted into existing luxury resorts as independent units. Preferred destinations will be Europe, CIS countries, Middle East and Asia. Target clients are people who are willing to invest in their health and achieve physical and emotional wellbeing. They are ready to pay more for receiving exceptionally good and professional service and ambience.

Potential guests are male and female, professionals or business executives, retirees or simply health-conscious individuals with a high income, and concentrated within the 35-65 age range.

Medical Spa Potential Customers are:

Young Professionals

These are couples and singles aged 35-40 from high/middle to high/high income levels of society, interested in exploring new products and services and active holidays in health resort areas. They are mainly repeat visitors. They are very much concerned with their appearance and invest time and money in their health. They trust products with specific benefits, and increasingly spend their money on high-quality health and wellbeing services and products that provide increased vitality and agility. They are consumers of detox and derma therapy products.

High Executives

These are wowen and men in high managing positions of big companies aged 40-60. They have jobs with a high level of stress, focused on results and concrete achievements, for which they are directly responsible. They have very unhealthy lifestyles: long working hours, extensive travelling and eating on the road. Most of them visit a medical spa twice a year for one or two weeks to conduct a thorough physical examination and relax. They usually travel alone. They are consumers of stress relief and executive coaching products. Work with them addresses diet, exercise, stress reduction and recommendations on dealing with a stress in the workplace and handling everyday pressure.

Owners of Private Companies

There is a common trend that owners of successful private companies tend to continue working well beyond their sixties or even seventies. This is driven mainly by such factors as the trend to exercise control over their company and a preference to stay longer in a business life. For them health care issues are essential, as they want to remain active, sportive, good-looking and fit. They are typical consumers of vital aging products.

DINKS (Double Income No Kids)

DINKS are couples aged 35-50 with no children and a very active lifestyle with a high level of health conscience. They are mainly repeat visitors and tend to combine treatments with cultural or educational programs.

Top Earners

This group consists of affluent couples (including retired couples) aged 50+ with an interest in up-scale products and services. They like to travel to beautiful exotic places for rest and are very much in favor of well-known international brands.

Competitive strength


  • Destinations for all seasons
  • Destinations renowned for their outstanding natural beauty and peace
  • Pure, natural environment that ensures rejuvenation and relaxation
  • Unique places of energy worldwide
  • Dramatic landscape, stunning views, full frontal panorama
  • Intimate but within easy reach of airport and major city attractions


  • Based on the growing interrelation between wellness, lifestyle and leisure
  • A sophisticated medical spa housed in a modern five-star hotel with state-of-the-art facilities
  • Fusion between a nature setting and refined comfort
  • Medical Spa concept ranging from a classic spectrum of anti-aging, vitality wellness, burn-out syndrome, health diagnostics, preventative healthcare, insomnia cure to mental training, dietary coaching and implementing new market drivers such as life-style coaching etc.
  • A place to socialize and network
  • Daily activity program


  • Not influenced by seasonal fluctuations
  • As for boutique properties, business depends on maximizing occupancy


  • Contemporary environmental design (built in harmony with the surrounding nature)
  • Unique eco chic style
  • Full frontal panorama
  • Relaxed yet stylish and sophisticated interiors
  • Some signature design elements
  • Generous size of rooms
  • Spacious bathrooms
  • Generous sleeping areas
  • Outdoor terrace with occasional seating and daybed


  • Locally influenced cuisine
  • Locally sourced food and beverages (a gastronomic journey of the area)
  • Fresh and often organic healthy ingredients


  • Extended activity program

Medical Services

Medical services range from anti-aging, vitality wellness, burn-out syndromes, health diagnostics, detox, preventative healthcare and insomnia cures to mental training, dietary coaching and soft aesthetic surgery.


  • Visitors expect customized products and services
  • Demand of high-quality highly personalized experience
  • Increase in corporate wellness
  • Need for unique “signature” treatments, using local products and ingredients

Weekly programs

Therapeutic and activity programs will be designed on a weekly basis beginning on Sundays.

Medical products

Preventative rather than classic curative approaches to health – health care rather than sick care.
Therapy is mainly stimulated by the self-healing powers of the human being.
Holistic approach to bring organism back to its maximum psycho-physical balance
Combination with plenty of exercise and a healthy diet
VAYU Medical Resorts offer a common set of medical products, which are adjusted to the demands of each property.


Medical productsMarket segments
Medical examinations businessmen, male and female individuals
Detox businessmen, male and female individuals
Weight Regulations businessmen, male and female individuals, models
Stress Relief Male top executives of big companies
Relaxation Couples without children, small groups – employees of big companies (corporate contracts)
Skin Therapies Female Individuals of 35-45 years old
Executive Coaching Male high executives of big companies of approximately 45 years of age

Guest services

In line with VAYU Medical Resorts branding, each resort and hotel in VAYU offers a common set of services and amenities.

Every VAYU resort or hotel will offer its guests:

  • Superior spa and fitness center with indoor and outdoor pools
  • Main restaurant with a terrace serving healthy cuisine/ package of 3 meals per day
  • Integrated Educational Kitchen (Demonstration Kitchen)
  • Signature Tea Bar
  • Signature Boutique
  • Amenities for meditation, contemplation, silence, and creativity
  • Rooms for musical concerts, presentations, informal socializing and communication