Management Services

Hotel owners who choose VAYU management services benefit from a well-defined medical brand, which will include them in a growing network of boutique medical resorts.

Hotel owners using VAYU Management services can be assured of superior resources and individual attention to their investment. VAYU Management takes the time to understand specific needs of the property owner and to identify the greatest possible opportunities available to each individual property.

The management services offered by VAYU encompass all aspects of hotel and medical spa operations. The following list details these services:


Control and Supervision of the hotel’s budget, to include:

  • Annual budget prior to the commencement of each fiscal year
  • Projections for the forthcoming fiscal year of the property’s gross revenue, operating expenses, and gross operating profit
  • Cash flow and working capital requirements
  • Annual budget for purchase and replacement of FF&E and Repairs & Renewals Reserve
  • Annual budget for Necessary Capital Expenditure and Recommended Capital Expenditure
  • Annual human resources budget to include departmental expenditures on salaries, fringe benefits, and other personnel investments

Marketing, Sales and Public Relations

Through its extensive sales network, VAYU plans and implements all sales, marketing and PR activities. VAYU directs the property’s sales and marketing team and coordinates their activities with VAYU group marketing and branding.

Daily Operations

VAYU supervises, directs and controls on behalf of the owner, the day-to-day operation of the property and related operations to agreed-upon budgets and standards.

Quality Assurance

Twice a year our specialized VAYU head office team conducts a thorough and detailed audit of the property’s operations according to VAYU and international Best Practices. This audit and subsequent implementation of the audit’s findings ensure the continued quality of the VAYU product and services.


VAYU plans for and directs all plant operations, repair and maintenance routines, and management and control of the energy and utility needs of the property.


  • Direction of financial controls, accounting, and banking according to the standards of the Uniform System of Accounts
  • Provision of monthly financial reports, detailed by department, including statements of Gross Revenue and Gross Operating Profit in accordance with the Uniform System of Accounts
  • Delivery of annual financial statements to an Independent Accountant for audit, including: profit and loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, etc.


VAYU formulates an employee compensation and benefits plan and manages on-going staff recruitment and training.

VAYU ensures that acceptable staffing levels are maintained, that job specifications are followed at all times, and that high levels of discipline and performance are upheld.

Purchasing and Cost Control

VAYU sets out and implements cost and purchasing controls appropriate for the operation of the property.  Utilizing its experience in negotiating with FF&E and Food and Beverage providers, VAYU can achieve significant savings in purchasing costs for the hotel.


VAYU determines the correct insurance policies for the property and maintains these policies and licenses on behalf of the owner.

Staff Management

VAYU finds and hires a qualified management team for the property and coordinates their implementation of the service standards and financial goals of the property.

Human Resources and Training

People are the main asset in the hospitality industry.
Having well-trained and motivated employees is the key to success. VAYU developed comprehensive and specialized training programs for medical and other hotel employees on all levels to teach the VAYU concept.