The five elements of vayu




renewal & purification

Purification through powerful healing rituals provides the basis for a sustainable healing process that does not merely treat symptoms. The holistic VAYU concept purifies on all levels and releases any blockages. Your treatment will be tailored to your individual needs. Thanks to a combination of highly effective natural products, state-of-the-art technologies and superb therapists, every individual is stimulated and treated as a whole. We use old healing traditions that have been enhanced and refined with the latest in scientific findings.

Europe’s “bathing culture” has a long and successful history. Purification with water in its various states of aggregation has been a part of our cleansing and health rituals since antiquity.

Our ancestors would go to a spa to recuperate after a day’s work and prepare themselves for new challenges. At VAYU resorts we have reinvented and redefined these ancient bathing traditions. We encourage you to enjoy our soothing renewal and purification rituals in a luxurious ambiance that will make all your wishes come true.

diet & detox

Our holistic diet strives to eliminate dead weight, detoxify, and lighten up your life. Experience a simple and effective form of diet and learn how to effectively integrate it into your daily routine to rouse your dormant energies. Nutrition is one of the key components to successfully develop and maintain your health, vitality and health awareness. It is also the simplest form to provide your system with energy.

Food is a source of vital energy allowing us to unleash all of our potentials. Experience a new kind of cuisine, serving you a mouth-watering blend of energy, health and indulgence. We use organic products meeting only the highest quality requirements. Authentic and fresh ingredients are carefully prepared in accordance with the highest standards of culinary excellence to create a delectable combination of flavor and vitality.

mind & mental health

We define health in a holistic way, encompassing physical and mental health. At VAYU resorts mental health is a state of wellbeing that allows you to fully tap your potentials, both at work and when it comes to facing the challenges of everyday life.

Your stay will allow you to take a break and leave behind your daily routine for a while, to regenerate and orient yourself:

  • Where am I now in my life?
  • Do my goals need to be redefined?
  • Is my environment filled with depth and meaningfulness?
  • Our coaches will guide you on your way to unfolding your full strength.

Every crisis not only provides risks but also opportunities. By releasing blockages that have been limiting us, we open ourselves to a reorientation of our actions. The VAYU interdisciplinary approach to mental health increases social skills, boosts wellbeing, and results in a noticeably higher quality of life.

Experience the healing power of nature as a supporting element within the holistic healing process. Mother earth nourishes and carries us and provides comfort. Get in touch with nature – the nature around you as well as the nature within you.

aesthetics & derma therapy

It is said that our skin is a mirror of our souls, an indicator of our degree of wellbeing. At the same time, our skin is our largest organ and an active player in our metabolism. It serves as an interface with our environment and is receptive to sensory stimulation. As part of our immune system, it protects us from harmful effects. Let your skin regain its sense and sensitivity.

Deep touch and treatment with effective and natural products energize your soul and render your charisma more radiant. Health-promoting purification measures encourage aesthetics and beauty. Unique rituals encode your body-soul-spirit system with a sensual and radiant charisma on various levels. Feel good in your skin. You deserve to.

movement & stability

Life is soft and smooth. Just look at the trees around you. Only hard and stiff branches are torn off by storms. (Re)discover the joy of movement. Exercise pumps oxygen to your cells, strengthens your bones and joints, and rejuvenates body, spirit and soul. Experience the positive effect on your wellbeing, discover a new kind of agility, and feel vibrant and alive.

A review of your medical history and your background, your physical test results, and ancient traditions practiced by our mind-body therapists will help you regain your physical strength and performance levels to bring vibrancy to your everyday life. Professional body rituals that gently stimulate your body and its biological effect mechanisms render your bio system healthier and more adaptable, well into old age.

Bodywork involving exercise and increased agility will raise a new kind of physical self-awareness that will do more than stimulate your muscles and body composition. Special body-mind rituals combining breath, movement, strengthening and stability will easily be integrated into your daily routine and thus allow your system to absorb and preserve a higher quality of energy for your long-term use.

our modules

diet & detox

Our diet & detox module lays the foundation for long-term and sustainable health. A specialist will undertake a thorough and holistic analysis of your system as a whole before your individual diet is devised and implemented in combination with body and movement rituals. We thus create a new foundation for your all-embracing wellbeing.

health & healing

As a high achiever or as the head of a family, you have to radiate strength and energy in your everyday life to ensure personal and overall success and sustainable happiness. Our selected tools and methods will help you master everyday and long-term challenges and integrate new patterns and skills into your personal scheme of life. Equipped with the necessary resources, you will be actively managing your life.

Special modules

Please find below our special modules that may be combined according to your individual requirements for maximum effectiveness.

  • Healthy Sleep
  • Men’s and Women’s Health
  • Movement Optimization
  • Silver & Golden Ager Check-ups
  • Burn-Out Prevention
  • Allergies and Food Intolerances
  • Executives & Young Professionals

We see the human being as a whole, as an interplay of body and soul. Only an integrated view of your biological system can lead to sustainable health. This is why we not only give a comprehensive physical diagnosis but also take into account aspects like stress and personality and conduct Depth Psychological consultations in a private and confidential atmosphere. All these elements contribute to a holistic kind of wellbeing.


Indulge in holistic health. Experience the joy of an easy-paced lifestyle. Our health@home offer provides practical support to bring the feeling of wellbeing you experience at VAYU resorts to your home. Increase your quality of life sustainably by becoming centered and balanced. Welcome each day with a smile on your face.

architecture & landscape

Our architecture blends in with the surrounding landscape and offers you a holistic experience by combining the highest standards of comfort with timeless elegance. Experience a redefinition of wellbeing: VAYU resorts – celebrate your senses.